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Sweet potato recipe!Something delicious and healthy!
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Sweet potatoes ala Greek! Litsa!


Sweet potatoes ala Greek, a delicious way to stuff potatoes with all the Greek elements, like Feta cheese, Greek yogurt, dill and to create something so delicious! Sweet potatoes are a gift from God with all the nutrients, they are little bullets of happiness, health, and so much more! Please try to […]

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Clams by Litsa!


Clams and all kinds of seafood, Or according to the French the Fruit of the sea “fruit de Mer”I love! If you have the pleasure of living close to the sea you know what I’m talking about! Fresh seafood with a little Ouzo or a nice glass of white wine and it’s perfection! […]

Greek tomato salad Litsa!
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Greek tomato salad! A stellar salad!Litsa!

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Greek tomato or Horiatki salad, a 4-star salad! The olive oil, Feta cheese, and that Greek Oregano, come together and they give us perfection! Summer and salads, with vegetables, picked at the perfect moment we need them, that is what makes an excellent salad! But tomato is not a vegetable. Not […]