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Eggplant delight-Litsa!

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Eggplant Delight-Litsa!

Eggplant Delight

Have I told you how much I like eggplants? I am always looking for ways to cook eggplants!And this is my eggplant delight!

Eggplant Delight-Litsa!

Eggplant Delight-Litsa!

  And when I can’t find a recipe I like, I create my own, and here is a recipe I came up with.

I served the eggplant delight as an appetizer and it was loved, for sure a keeper.

I have so much fun when I am ready with the ingredients and I can play and experiment, and if I like the end result I am so happy! But the joy comes when the people in my life like

But the joy comes when the people in my life like it, sometimes it is so hard to please them, after all, they are used to excellent cooking almost every day and they take things for granted, so when thumbs go up I know the recipe is a keeper….Eggplant is a vegetable, very healthy, do not be afraid to use it in your cooking!

Yes indeed! This recipe is a keeper!