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Greek meatballs Giouvarlakia
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Greek Meatball soup (youvarlakia)


A traditional Greek soup with Avgolemono, lemony and full of goodness! The Avgolemono makes this soup so different! Youvarlakia! A great soup as a main or a starter, a soup loved by my guests! Here is what you will need! 500 gr. (1 lb) minced beef (lean) 1 cup rice […]

Brussels sprouts By Litsa!
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Brussels Sprouts- how to love them! Litsa!

Brussels sprouts and the love-hate relationship. Not too many people like them never mind love them. Brussels sprouts By Litsa! They take such a bad rap, and they are so healthy, packed with so much flavor and taste. Many people get them because they are so cute clustered together like [...]
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Greek rice pudding (Rizogalo) Litsa!

Here is a Greek favorite ….Rizogalo….Greek rice pudding! Rizogalo Greek rice pudding-Litsa1 The word Rizogalo comes from the words of rice and milk. We have so many recipes and so many different ways to make the very simple but delicious Rizogalo. By now you must know that I favor easy [...]
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Chicken wings with sesame Litsa!

A very special Meze or finger food is always chicken wings, chicken wings with sesame is a delicious recipe! Chicken wings are easy to make and always welcome! So many ways to prepare them and all very delicious. Hot and spicy, even sweet they are perfect finger food! The perfect friend [...]