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Cooking with Litsa is fun! Chikpeas!


A delicious way to make chickpeas! They are smart, but you can make them smarter! With my recipe! Little bullets with so much power, healthy and a protein that is so good for you, how can you not include chickpeas in your weekly menu! You will love this recipe, it’s […]

Main Dishes

Lemony Chicken and Pasta Casserole! LitsaB!


Lemony chicken casserole! Amazingly delicious casserole, children love it! One-pan deliciousness, ready in 20 minutes, how can you not like such fast recipes! 4 chicken legs cut in 2 (remove all visible fat ) 1/4 cup olive oil + tbsp butter 6 cloves garlic 1 cup white wine1 lemon juice […]

My thoughts

A good name is worthy of respect!


What is a good name worth! When you start your life, you are a book with blanc pages! Slowly the adventure of life begins, and as you grow your characteristics develop to make you the individual you are! Many of those characteristics are perfect, but some need adjusting, and as […]