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Halva with Litsa! Nice and easy cooking!


Halva, a simple dessert that gives so much pleasure, it can be done in 15 min. A recipe with a past and loved by all! Simple recipes that satisfy you every-time! Make sure you have almonds available, it tastes so much better! And of course made with Olive oil, because […]


Halva with Semolina!-Litsa!

Halva with Semolina is a dessert that is loved by the Greek people! It's one of these recipes that you have to have available when your sweet tooth strikes and you Halva with Semolina-Litsa! have to have something to calm it down! Not too many ingredients and you can play [...]
Carrot salad Litsa!
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Carrot salad Litsa!

Carrot salad Litsa! Here is a carrot salad I love, I love salads but sometimes I get stuck in the salad department, I get to that place where I repeat recipes often. Carrot Salad to the rescue! Thank god I realize it and snap out of it…I need a variety [...]
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Aren’t picnics romantic?

I like picnics very much and think they're very romantic, especially if you can enjoy your picnic by the water. They're a wonderful way to spend a beautiful summer’s day with the one you love! With a little preparation ahead of time, you can pull together a nice, romantic picnic [...]
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Chicken Tenders – Dipping Sauce-Litsa!

  Delicious finger food and a kid-friendly recipe!Chicken Tenders with Dipping Sauce! Children love to eat with their fingers, and this recipe is perfect for children and adults that want to be like children, sometimes. Chicken Tenders with Dipping Sauce-Litsa! Finger food is great for entertaining, for picnics and snacks. [...]