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Greek roasted vegetables (Tourlou-Tourlou)


What is Tourlou-Tourlou?

(Tourlou-Tourlou) is a  medley of Greek roasted vegetables with herbs and spices, that say, the good times are here, and you have to adopt this recipe especially if you are a vegetarian!

Here is (Tourlou-Tourlou)a summer recipe that is so easy and at the same time so delicious. All the vegetables are so happy when we put them together that they create a symphony of flavors.

If you are a vegetarian, this recipe is just for you.

If not this is a beautiful side for pork chops, roasted chicken, and much more….

Have fun and a happy summer



You will need:

2 large potatoes

2 Italian eggplants

2 zucchini

2 carrots

10 mushrooms

1 large red pepper

If you like, add a small bunch of parsley, or basil

½ cup olive oil

½ cup tomato sauce

¼ cup apple cider vinegar

1 cup water

Salt, pepper, roasted garlic powder, oregano, and a little sugar

When it’s done if you like sprinkle some feta!

Here is what you do:

Cut the vegetables into medium size pieces, place them in a large bowl and rub them with the apple cider vinegar, season them very well. Place them in the pan you are going to bake them in and add the tomato sauce, oil, and water.

Bake in a hot oven for 30 min at 375. I like my vegetables done but not mushy…. If you feel they need a little more time, roast them a little longer.

Unbelievable taste!



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