Dako-A treat from the Island of Crete!Litsa!


Dako a specialty originating from the island of Crete

Wheat Bread with Olive Oil, Tomatos, Feta, and Oregano

Can be served as an appetizer or Meze, You can also serve it as a salad!

Ah, the island of Crete is a gift for all of us!

So much to say about the island, the food, the weather, and the people!

The sun only goes around because he can’t stand all the beauty of the island!

The food is so pure and so original, it inspires you, it makes you happy to be alive!

The people, how can you give them justice, their love, their hospitality, their generous spirit, their sense of humor, they are the only ones on the planet with all the characteristics of how a human should treat the XENO!

Blessed are the hard-working people of the island of Crete, they were given mountains and rocky land and they made it work with no complaints, but with a happy disposition!

I adore the island and its remarkable people!

  • Ingredients
  • 4 large barley rusks
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 1 large ripe tomato
  • Greek oregano
  • Pepper
  • Feta cheese

Run tomato under hot water and peel or use a vegetable peeler.

Chop tomato into small pieces, add pepper, oregano, some olive oil and mix well.

Run rusks under cold running water and place in paper towel to absorb any excess water,

Don’t let them get soggy.

Sprinkle rusks with olive oil, spoon over tomato mixture and top with feta and oregano.

Ready to serve

Our life has to be easy, our food has to be delicious, and so I will make my best to encourage you towards healthy seasonal meals that the entire family will enjoy.

In your next trip to the island of Crete, have it in mind to order this amazing Greek salad!

Thanks again,


Litsa’s Tip

If your feta is too salty rinse gently in cool water, place in a deep container, and add milk to cover feta. Your cheese will become more mellow. You can keep the container in the refrigerator.

I’d like to take a moment to express my appreciation to all of you that responded to my newsletter.

My Canadian friends really enjoy my recipes but the thrill is when my Greek friends love my newsletters. You have many questions and here are the answers.

The picture by the sea was taken in Sitia Crete last year, simply breathtaking!

Why the empty container in the olive picture, always have a container for the olive stones.

Many asked what is a Dako? Dako is a Rusk of barley, these little rusks are a specialty from the island of Crete and I love them as an appetizer or meze. You will love this recipe.



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