Summer: The Magic Blanket



Summer: it’s a time of heatwaves and sunburn, idle days and restless nights. What better place to spend a warm, magical summer than on a beautiful Greek island? Enjoy the blue ocean waves, the pebbly beach, the singing of mermaids, and a fresh, juicy watermelon in Summer: The Magic Blanket

The seasons teach us patience . . . you can’t hurry the changing of the leaves, the melting of the snow, or the ripening of the fruit. I would love to have fresh almonds year-round, but that is not possible. Nature and the Seasons teach me patience. Patience is a marvelous quality, and good things come to those who have patience. This is a lesson we can learn from the Seasons and a valuable lesson to teach our young ones.

Generosity . . . the seasons teach us how to share our gifts with others. Oh, how much we can learn from the Seasons! They come, year after year, bringing an abundance of gifts and always the right ones for our particular needs.

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Dimensions 23 × 27 × 23 cm


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