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Smart or dumb!LitsaB

Listening and the art of listening is the greatest lesson you can learn!
My humble advice!

Do you want to learn from an expert, listen and play dumb, but listen carefully!

Litsa Bolontzakis
Litsa Bolontzakis
 Playing dumb allows you to ask questions, and that is how you learn!
You will learn so much, and because they think you have no knowledge, their true colors will come up!
Win, win for you! But remember!
Sometimes you will lose, and then other times, you will win, and that is how life goes!
We are looking for someone to #trust, but it’s so rare! Money hungry people that live for the moment will take you for a ride sometimes, but that will be their loss!
This masterpiece of a book was created with so much love when I was listening, and my first ever book, “Take the Taste Greece with you,” got best in the world, from the Gourmand world cookbook awards of France, while I was playing dumb! I play the game, but I know what I like, and I will not compromise! Never come across like you know it all because you don’t!
My thought is you risk learning new things if you think you know it all, and you play it smart! I like perfection in my work, something not so easy to attain, and because I am this way,
when I need help, I will hire the best! Like the immensely talented Illustrator for my Season’s books for children!
Spring Trees In Bloom
Spring Trees In Bloom by Litsa Bolontzakis

Daniela Zekina!

Daniela is precious, and just like any valuable thing in life, worth having on your side!
Get my books for your children, great gifts!
Make them happy!
Read to them every night!
Make them feel secure before they fall asleep!
Only a loving parent can accomplish that! YOU!
Just a thought! Litsa!


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