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Season’s books By Litsa Bolontzakis


I want to share with you this review of the Season’s books,Tony Danas had something nice to say…

What a pure delight!

These books capture the simple moments in life that we often forget. While reading it, there was so much emotion coming from the author and the nostalgia of how beautiful life is as a child. The innocence and natural desire to explore. The deep emotions and the beautiful pictures just jump out of the pages. You almost feel as though you are right there experiencing it.

My daughter enjoyed looking at the pictures and bold colours and was entertained by the stories. It made me think about the memories that we as parents have the privilege to create in our children’s lives.

The simple read was a breath of fresh air because for me it highlighted the importance of keeping reading a fun and memorable time And what better way than to make delicious snacks. These books cover it all, right down to easy cooking for little ones. Thank you so much for publishing such wonderful and inspirational books. Looking forward to reading more.



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