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Life is a Gift,respect it,Litsa!


Life is a gift, and we need to hold it dear and respect it!


Enjoy every minute of your beautiful life, its a #gift to you!

Love the good times and learn from the not so good ones! This is life, and the biggest gift is to learn from your #mistakes because you will make mistakes!!

Identify #toxicity and get read of it!

And laugh, be happy, try to do the right thing and your joy will be real!

My thought of the day!

I hope you identify #toxic people in your life fast because they will never change, they can’t, they have a disorder, they will only bring you misery! You don’t need to get therapy or medication, because you are dealing with a toxic person! they need therapy, not you! Remember every day is a gift to you, and you should make the best of it!

Litsa Bolontzakis
Protect your heart!

Protect your heart! Only you can!

Litsawithlove and no apologies!

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