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Kastelorizo or Kazi according to the locals…


Kastelorizo or Kazi according to the locals…

Kastelorizo my Love!
Kastelorizo my Love!

Such a beautiful little island, like a painting, like a postcard…

A dream place under the sun, a place to hide and meditate, get inspired and create!

To use your passion and your gift to give pleasure. Something great artists from all over the world know and take advantage of forever!

The light of the country is perfect for painting, so bright, so amazing, you see things differently in that kind of light, and the only thing you want is to be left alone and do what you do best!

Where do you get inspired!

The passion of the people is evident in the little island, of Kastelorizo!

It’s like they have a meeting and they all decide together what color to use, they all want a perfect painting, something to match the vast blue of the sky and the turquoise of the sea!

They know that they need to have balance!

No arguments here. The world is watching Kastelorizo and believe me, they like what they see!

Entering my bucket list.

A job well done, thank you, so much to the passionate people of Kastelorizo, your love, and your gift is very much appreciated and it gives us great pleasure!

Litsa with Love!

Litsa Bolontzakis books!
Litsa Bolontzakis Books!

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