Greek food needs the local tomatoes!

Greek food at its best when you create with Litsa!

Life during the pandemic offers its pleasures only fitfully!

Few and in between!

Litsa Bolontzakis
Cooking with Litsa is fun!

We do our best and think positive because our lives are at stake, we can’t take things lightly!

We have to be vigilant with all we have to do and don’t let our guard down!

One pleasure that I look forward to, is the farmer’s markets and the beautiful gardens and farms close to my house.

They are bursting with all the summer vegetables that I love! And tomatoes are my best this time of the year!

Greek food is hungry for the fresh local tomatoes, it tastes so much better!

So many things you can do, like my stellar tomato salad, and my Greeky tomato sandwich with that delicious Greek Feta cheese!

My delicious Greek sandwich, so fresh and satisfying! I can have it every day for lunch!

Also how about a tomato soup with fresh ripe tomatoes from scratch!

Along with my tomato salad, I would love some small fried fish or some chicken on the BBQ!

Summer food is fresh and colorful, and if you let your imagination go wild, you will come up with your own delicious recipes with the amazing summer produce!

There are so many vegetables that are available today, like eggplants, all kinds of cucumbers, and the many varieties of sweet and hot peppers!

It’s a treat to visit a farmers market, I wish you take the time and add the visit to your agenda! Your eyes will be so happy, and take the kids along! It will be a great outing for them!

Have some fabulous Greek food this week! Follow me on Youtube for my recipes!

Litsa with LOVE!

Best Greek food
Greek food at its best!
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