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Is there a secret to Beauty!LitsaB!


Beauty comes from within. This is the secret! From the heart!

We all strive to look good by taking good care of our bodies with healthy eating, sleeping habits, hydrating, and doing our best to look and feel great!

Litsa Bolontzakis
Litsa Bolontzakis

But the only time you will shine is when you have a happy heart, free from jealousy, envy, bad intentions! Do you want to be beautiful, I think we all do, and it’s so normal!

There is one little detail, and its the most important one!

Make sure you fill your heart with goodness!

Fill your heart with gratitude and appreciation, love, and respect!

Train yourself to see the good, it is so amazing to be able to find beauty even when everything is dark, and then you look up at the sky and you see the stars!

Litsa Bolontzakis!
Litsa Bolontzakis!
Fill your heart with Love!

You know, we give what we have plenty of! Have plenty of goodness so you can stand out!


When the heart is full, and it overflows with goodness, you look radiant, and the people around you are happy to be close to you!

Yes, it’s a perfect feeling!

Have a beautiful day!


We are all about stories and good food! Here is a recipe for a great dessert with walnuts and chocolate! Really good!

Walnut cake (Karithopita) Litsa!

Books are a way to be alone but never lonely! Get the children, books! My books!

Books by Litsa Bolontzakis
Books by Litsa Bolontzakis!






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