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Covid-19 and you!


Nothing makes sense anymore, except for my cooking and baking! My music and my dancing!LOL! It’s Covid 19 time!

How about that!

Litsa Bolontzakis Books!
Litsa Bolontzakis Books!

Overthinking is out of the question at this stage! There is so much confusion, so many lies, and half-truths, its better to listen to your favorite music and cook-cook away your favorite recipes, or try out some new ones!

To write a new story or paint an original painting, whatever it takes to keep your mind away from this pandemic, and Covid-19!

Of course, we do all the protective steps to disinfect, any surface in the house, eat correctly, meaning that we take care of our immune system, drink water, and wash our hands with soap and water, and there is a good reason for doing that!

To all the millennials vising their kitchen for the first time, 😂remember it is there for a reason! The kitchen I mean!

Now is the time to discover the reason you have a kitchen! It’s the place in the house where you prepare delicious food, where you have total control for what goes into your body! That is such a good thing!

You never liked that part of the house; you even wanted a home without a kitchen, remember?! You are most certainly not equipt to cook in your kitchen. Because you need so many little tools, and you just don’t have them!

Imagine!  How things change in no time at all! Covid-19 has no mercy!

This is revenge for all the times you said: “I don’t like to cook.”And I would reply, “But you like to eat, “I feel a little sarcasm, never hearts!😂😂😂It’s meant to be funny! Litsa with a touch of something! But with so much LOVE!❤️❤️🥰

Just a reminder, my books are little treasures, get them from my site, the kids are going to love them!

Books by Litsa Bolontzakis!
Books by Litsa Bolontzakis!
Books by Litsa Bolontzakis!
Books by Litsa Bolontzakis!

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