Make an Entrance!

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Make an Entrance!Litsa!

Good morning, Ah, July, the month of garden parties, weddings, BBQs, and outdoor entertaining are you ready to make an Entrance! 
I think you would agree that here in the North we would be so happy if July was served to us in a double dosage! 

Yes, so we can enjoy the spirit of the summer a little longer!

Are you invited to an outdoor affair, if so be ready to make an Entrance!

You can do that at any age! Wear something that will set you apart!

A scarf, a beautiful hat, a pair of colorful earrings a little something that will make you look fabulous!

Remember you are doing it for you!

I remember wearing a beautiful floral dress and a straw summer hat at a garden party and my friends still remember and talk about it, why you might say? Because here been plain has taken another dimension, so much so that it hurts the eyes! I decide to be me and make a little difference for me, so I feel good!

Summer is the season of color and imagination, a season that wearing less is justified!

Colors and flowers should be in

our summer wardrobe, and black very limited!

We have an advantage that works for us in the summer, a beautiful tan!

With a delicious tan, our skin is glowing and all colors will look divine on us, my preference for the summer, white, turquoise, and a tan, fabulous!

Always have a few hats available, get them when you don’t need them and when you do they are there waiting for you to make an Entrance!

Have an outfit available, always have a few new outfits ready and waiting, so much fun when you don’t have to run to find something to wear, you are always prepared that way, and life is fun! 

Do you have it in you to make a fabulous Entrance!

Litsa with Love!

Make an Entrance Litsa!


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Children's book and cookbook author Litsa Bolontzakis is an expert on Greek cooking and that culture's easy, simple way of life. Her desire is to help other families learn from her culture how to appreciate the simple things in life and grow to enjoy the seasons and the gifts they bring.

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