Have you seen a chestnut tree?

Chestnuts, my Love!
Chestnuts, my Love!

My Fascination with the chestnut tree! Have you seen a chestnut tree!

Have you seen the intricate way the chestnuts are protected whilst the fruit is coming of age?

They are protected with a thorn-like cover, and you can’t touch them unless you get permission!

But when the nuts are ready, as if by magic, the envelope opens, and then permission is granted!

They come out of their protective environment, shiny and clean, beautiful, and ready to give us pleasure!

To me, because I love them!

They are so cute, two or three hugging and loving one another, and they grow quietly in their safe little nook!   I wonder, are there, people that don’t like chestnuts! It can’t be!

They are Something wonderful indeed!

In the North of Greece, the chestnut trees, grow tall and powerful! I have never seen them in full bloom, but I have no doubt they are spectacular! My best memory and therefore my love for chestnuts was when the chestnut men would come around with their hot chestnuts, and I would get my share! You see, my father would get them from me, I never had to ask! Holding the hot chestnuts when your hands are cold, is like holding little cols of warmth! Instant pleasure! How grateful I am for the simple pleasures of the past, that have created such warm memories!

There is a boulevard in Paris that the chestnut trees rule! I loved Paris! But yet, Paris is a city of Trees, and many are chestnut trees!

There are so many ways to enjoy this marvelous nut, and yes it is a nut from a tree and if you have allergies, please be careful!

I love them roasted, and now is the time to get them, wintertime! You carve them with a sharp knife and roast them until they open up!

Voilà, fantastic!



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