Spetsofai! Sausage-colorful peppers!Litsa

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i is a delicious Meze from Pillion, a mountainous region of Greece.

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Spetsofai Litsa!

It’s very confusing, Spetses is an island and this recipe is named after the island of Spetses but the origin of the recipe is from the mountains of Pillion. Figure it out…..

In any case, I love this recipe and is one of my favorite sausage recipes.

Very colorful indeed, peppers in all the colors enhance the appearance of this great Meze….

Great as a Maine with rice or homemade French fries, or a perfect meze with nice red wine….And good bread….

Greek rice in the oven

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Rice in the oven

I find when talking with young people that they have issues in cooking, especially with simple things like rice, potatoes, pasta …I wonder why, here is my recipe for Greek rice in the oven, rice for dummies I should say!

Many people cook rice in plenty of water like pasta and when they drain the rice all the starch and nutrients are gone.

Please remember that rice is not pasta, you measure the water and you cook until it is absorbed, whether you make it in the oven or stovetop the principle is the same,2 cups rice,4 cups water, and medium heat… 

Cooking rice in the oven is a very practical way, especially when you can bring it from the oven to the table.

I like to make my life easy and I am sure most of my working friends are of the same opinion. Here is my very best recipe for rice in the oven, a very nice side and a compliment to any kind of protein.

Greek Briami-Litsa!

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Meatless Monday can be such a joy if we plan ahead and we are ready…Here is a fresh idea, Greek Briami…

Briami, a medley of seasonal vegetables cooked with tomatoes and olive oil, served over Orzo…Delicious…

A perfect vegetarian meal, or a side for a pork chop, chicken and any kind of protein!

Great addition to a gathering, a BBQ because it goes a long way!

Greek Briami-Litsa!

Greek Briami-Litsa!