"Good food and stories-Holding families together one word one bite at the time, family a safe place in an unfriendly world!"

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Delicious Lamb Shanks LitsaB!

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Lamb shanks are delicious ,but this recipe is a showstopper for sure and a conversation piece!

Bread making-easy-recipe
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Bread making-easy recipes have become the in thing to do in the last 8 months! The year 2020 will be remembered for many unpleasant things, but also some pleasant ones! Bread making is of a pleasant kind! It really has made a difference in some households that take nutrition seriously! […]

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Peanut butter chicken!LitsaB!


Peanut butter chicken! Another delicious chicken recipe! Peanut butter chicken! You can’t have enough recipes for this easy to cook delicious bird! Easy recipes are making me very happy, and this one is a must if you like variety in your meals! We here in the Amerikas eat way too […]

Chicken with potatoes Tserepa!



CHICKEN AND POTATOES TSEREPA   Tserepa is a big cover traditionally made of clay heated before covering the pan with the food. It slow cooks the food creating a little oven that retains all the flavors, juices, and aromas. Here is how you can experience this traditional recipe at home. […]

Happiness is a state of mind!
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Hopelessly Happy! LitsaB!


Happiness is a state of mind! Hopelessly happy! Can you be happy when everything around you is pointing in a different direction and Hopelessly Happy is hiding in the dark clouds! Highly unlikely, you say, and I agree! We are in lockdown again for a month, one of the months […]

Litsa Bolontzakis
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Greek food needs the local tomatoes!


Greek food at its best when you create with Litsa! Life during the pandemic offers its pleasures only fitfully! Few and in between! We do our best and think positive because our lives are at stake, we can’t take things lightly! We have to be vigilant with all we have […]