Why So Much Suffering? Litsa

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Why Is There So Much Suffering?

Litsa Bolontzakis

Litsa Bolontzakis

All lives matter! All life is precious!

I find myself wondering about how people cause the suffering of others that are deemed different from them. The paradox moves me deeply as I find that our similarities are more profound than our differences. I have always felt that the black race has paid a great price for their existence and has perhaps suffered the worst of all!

Despite their centuries of quiet protest against the usurpation of their rights, I feel their voice has been muffled by more powerful people. How can I not think of the agonizing of women when I myself am one? Perhaps their only crime is being born a woman.

And I ask again, why so much suffering?

Turn on the news and you will hear about children being kidnapped and trafficked. It is things like this that can never be forgiven and justice must prevail! In a world where humans are of little consequence, animals have it even worse.

Suffering with no end in view!

Is anyone living a life of peace and harmony? Why can we not co-exist and love each other? It seems like people are bound in a vicious circle to repeat their mistakes and cruelty. Perhaps so much has happened in human history that love and mutual respect seems unattainable. I feel there is no humanity left which can distinguish right from wrong and set the record straight.

It haunts me how mankind is bleeding out from the atrocities that we hear about every day. I often find myself crying because as a human I feel so helpless and even others cannot find an end to this conundrum.

Maybe God- the supreme creator of the universe has an answer that we simply cannot see. The Bible talks about the helplessness of people to choose the right path for themselves then what can we do except put faith in God to rectify our problems! It is my prayer that the ugliness can be kept at bay in a world which was meant to be one of mesmerizing beauty when it was created by God.



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