What can we learn from the four Seasons?

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Dear parents,

We’re living in the ME generation, and we as parents have to fight the spirit of selfishness and impatience that attacks our children.


The Seasons teach us patience…. you can’t hurry the changing of the leaves, the melting of the snow,or the ripening of the fruit.I would love to have fresh almonds year-round,but that is not possible.Nature and the Seasons teach me patience. Patience is a marvelous quality,and good things come to those who have patience! This is a lesson we can learn from the Seasons and a valuable lesson to teach our young ones.

Generosity . . . the seasons teach us how to share our gifts with others. Oh, how much we can learn from the Seasons! They come, year after year, bringing an abundance of gifts and always the right ones for our particular needs. Summers and watermelons—what a fantastic combination! Our needs for refreshment and hydration are pleasurably met.

Autumn arrives . . . and the citrus fruits are ready for our enjoyment, with all their good vitamin C to help us through the Winter months. And the apples! In their thousands of varieties they bring us what we need, given to us thanks to the Seasons generous spirit.

Love . . . you can feel the love and harmony in all the Seasons. They respect each other and never interfere with one another. Every tree is a little factory, producing amazing products in the right season, in a dignified manner, silently, and with so much reverence for the environment. They show so much love in not polluting in any way—no water pollution, no air pollution, no soil pollution. If that is not love and harmony, what is? The Seasons show great respect for all species with no controversy and no misunderstandings, just total harmony.

Love is manifested in every flower and every animal and every bird—like the swallows, beautiful and swift. My perfect little bird never forgets to visit the roof of my house every Spring.

The different Seasons satisfy our every need with love and generosity.

This is the reason for my Seasons books, little treasures and at the same time valuable tools in helping our children appreciate the more important things in life.

It is our responsibility and pleasure as parents to encourage our young ones to be able to recognize things with value, dependable things.

Please no matter how busy you are take the time to introduce your children to the many gifts that the Seasons bring year after year.




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