To toss or not to toss…..i am talking about salads of course!

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I have a pet peeve and it bothers me every time I order a salad in a restaurant…Please toss my salad!

I don’t like my salad in a shallow bowl and I like my salad tossed.

Greek restaurants do that, they don’t toss and they serve this amazing Greek salad in a shallow plate, they make it so difficult for you to toss your salad…


The secret to the Greek salad lies with the olive oil and the wonderful tomato juices, and when you add oregano and some delicious real Greek feta, you have a dreamy taste but you have to toss the salad so you can create that special love that happens when you mix ingredients together….

I often hesitate to order a salad in a Greek restaurant, and I hate it because I love my Greek salad and if I can have it with a nice piece of grilled chicken for lunch or any meal for that matter it would make me very happy!

To toss or not to toss a salad

To toss or not to toss

I have found my special places, where I can go and get other salads the way I like them…Tossed and in a nice bowl.

Like a spinach salad, nicely tossed in a bowl with grilled shrimp on a stick, love that salad…So perfect for a light lunch…And it is always tossed!

Improvement don’t you think?

In some places in the US, they ask you if you like your salad tossed, I really liked that!

And please when you serve a Greek salad add some Greek olive oil and some bread….That’s where the magic lies, in the dipping…AH …Such beautiful memories of summers past, when tomatoes and all the vegetables were untouched by human greed…When a simple salad and a few fried eggs with some nice bread was the best brunch…

To toss or not to toss, for me it’s a yes, of course!

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