The warm colors and rich flavors of autumn,Litsa!

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The warm colors and rich flavors of autumn are a gift to be cherished!

Living in Canada we get to enjoy all 4 seasons. Now it’s time to say “goodbye” to summer and “welcome” to the glorious season of fall. I say glorious because it comes with a fiery bang. The turning of the leaves for me is an amazing phenomenon.Every year I look forward to the day we spend in the mountains, driving through tree-lined roads. The sun shining brightly through the colorful leaves, so bright, like a giant chandelier lighting the sky with the warm colors of orange and red.


The warm colors and rich flavors of autumn Litsa!

For 10 days we can enjoy the Autumn Splendor that leaves us with heartwarming feelings.The flavors of the season include apples. Fall’s favorite fruit.

Apple pie and hot delicious coffee is a treat on a crisp autumn day!

We all enjoy apples and we can do so guilt free due to their abundant health benefits.

The saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” never gets old. It seems that pectin, the soluble fiber found in apples, can help reduce levels of LDL- bad cholesterol. Pectin also reduces hardening of the arteries and inhibits the spread of cancer.

So let’s enjoy the countless varieties of apples – fall’s delicious fruit


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