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Are you looking for a healthy yet tasty diet? It exists and it is called the Mediterranean Diet. It is an easy to follow diet and also a dieter’s dream as it requires a high consumption of (monounsaturated) fat and red wine!

The Mediterranean Diet derives its name from the countries which border the Mediterranean Sea and especially Greece. There are many variations of the Mediterranean Diet; however its main characteristic is the large consumption of olive oil which is used in all Mediterranean meals instead of animal fats. The Olive Oil is a monounsaturated fat and these kind of fats are “good” fats that are required from our body in order to function properly. Also unlike animal fats monounsaturated fats do not raise blood cholesterol levels.


The Mediterranean diet consists of

  • High consumption of Olive Oil
  • High consumption of fruit, vegetables, breads, cereals (such as pasta, beans, almonds nuts and seeds)
  • Moderate consumption of fish and poultry
  • Moderate consumption of wine
  • Low consumption of eggs and red meat

What are the benefits of Mediterranean Diet? Researches have shown that this type of diet besides being delicious can improve health. How? First of all it fights heart disease. Red wine is significant factor in reducing heart disease and also helps to eliminate bad toxins in the body. Also the Mediterranean Diet can lower cholesterol, reduces the risk of cancer and the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Finally the Mediterranean Diet can help you live longer!

Considering all these benefits, why not try to adopt this easy to follow diet that will improve your health and also help you achieve your best weight? You can start by trying some of my recipes that are based on the Mediterranean Diet and … Enjoy!


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