Summer Salads

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Summer and Salads the ultimate combination

Summer salads are what we need in hot summer days.

We need the hydration they provide and we have an abundance of produce to make salads exciting. On a hot summer day juicy salads do their work with taste and gusto.

Take a trip on an outdoor market or a farmers market and see and taste the gifts of the land.

Let your imagination go wild and follow your appetite, see the wonderful colors and textures and fantasize about all the wonderful colorful salads you can create for a hot summer day.


The options are so great you can’t but get inspired with the abundance of the produce available.

Mediterranean salads are such a delight; they are also very nutritious promoting good health with whole foods, plant-based foods, nutrient-dense foods and the healthy fats of the amazing olive oil.

And what about all the herbs available, now is the time to use them and give another dimension to our salads, granted we don’t like them all but the choice is immense, for sure we will find a few to our liking.

Summer salads are easy so don’t hesitate to experiment and create your own variety of salads.

For me a nice Greek salad is the greatest combination of flavors.Nice vine ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced onions, olives, Authentic Greek feta cheese oregano and the olive oil of the Mediterranean…….Pure Pleasure.

Do you know the secret to a delicious Greek salad??

Here it is, tomatoes have to be nice and juicy at room temperature, no lettuce in a Greek salad, olive oil has to be of good quality, a nice deep bowl to toss the salad so you can have the flavors come together and create their magic, and never forget the bread, nice heavy bread to dip in and get all the flavors, and don’t let a drop go to waste.

I like to consecrate more on the plant kingdom than the animal kingdom in the summer because of the great variety of fresh vegetables.

They are easy to prepare and transport, all the salads can be made ahead and travel well. You can pack them in sealable plastic bags and place them in a bowl just before serving. Have your dressing in a separate container, add to your salad and you are ready to have fun.

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