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Spring is an amazing season, a season so bright and colorful with new beginnings all around us and a sense of freedom, the freedom that comes with the mild and enjoyable weather. The heaviness of winter is gone and the chance to feel light and free is so pleasant. The opportunity to breathe the fresh air of spring is akin to taking a deep breath, opening your imaginary wings and flying, flying, flying away…. What a dream!

Spring is the time for new beginnings. It’s the time for nature to begin the wonderful task of making us happy, with all its colors and textures and aromas. You see, that is what happens

Spring and weddings

Spring and Weddings

when you have a good rest—you wake up ready for anything.

Weddings are also a time for new beginnings and all sorts of promises and plans.

From the preparations and the setting to the actual day of the ceremony, it is a race for perfection! So many details and the colors and textures dance together in our heads to create a magical symphony, just like Spring.

It takes a long time to organize the perfect wedding, so my advice to couples is to enjoy the ride. It gives you a tremendous high to decide all the details—the colors, the fabrics, the flavors. And imagine, you get to do what you like and make your dream a reality, so take your time, and enjoy every moment and every penny you spend (you are going to spend quite a few!).

The invitations set the theme of the
day and give you a guideline to follow. One particular thing I like is the “save the day” notice sent ahead of time—I love that. Many people don’t see the value of that, but I think it’s so necessary for those of us with many engagements.

Decorations in both houses—both the bride’s and groom’s—the week of the wedding are a must. The festive spirit should be alive with flowers and music. Of course, on the day of the wedding, make sure you have plenty of little snacks available for everyone to nibble on. Set the dining table with fine linen and your best plates, silverware, and glasses, and offer champagne to your family and close friends so they can share in your happiness. Maybe they really need it.  

Flowers should be placed everywhere. Have an arrangement on the dining table, at the entrance of the home, and in the guest powder room, and remember to follow your color scheme.peach

Here is a recipe I love:
butter cookies dredged in icing sugar (a very Greek recipe) that you can prepare days ahead and that are as easy as pie to make. I also love to make little fruits from almond paste and place them around the house in nice plates along with chocolate truffles. Champagne, chocolate, and weddings—perfection!

A very important rule is “Leave nothing for the last minute.” Have everything done way before and during the last week, pamper yourself to the point of total relaxation!

Your wedding is a very special day, so please enjoy it and have fun. Remember that you worked so hard for many months to plan it, and don’t forget that you are marrying the person of your dreams. It doesn’t get any better than that!


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