Spring in the greek islands

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Hi every one just in case you missed me I am back with my news letter for June.

I was away for the month of May, traveling to the Greek islands in Spring is something I enjoy very much. The land is so amazingly beautiful and fresh, the fields are blossoming with all kinds of wild flowers, poppies are in full bloom, and the fields look like a colorful carpet .


I visited the island of Rhodes. I have wonderful friends there and the good times are magical, because I believe that true friends enrich our existence!

Of course visiting Rhodes means a trip to Embona! A little village tucked away at the foot of mountain Ataviros about 1 hour from the city of Rhodes, you probably wonder what is so special about this place? Well that’s were the locals go for exceptional seasonal food. In Embona you have to taste the spring lamb and this is what we had,roasted spring lamb the old fashion way very simple, very delicious very easy to prepare and here is my version of spring lamb.

To compliment the meal a nice warm salad of wild greens that are in abundance, local potatoes fried in olive oil,Feta cheese,tzatziki,a nice green salad and the piece De resistance the home made dread. Wonderful bread baked in the wood oven the old fashion way,nice heavy whole grain bread…..

What I admire about the Greek people through out the land,is their philosophy of life and good food.They can travel for hours to get to a taverna in a mountain or a fishing village if it means that they will get nice fresh fish or spring lamb.Word of mouth advertising is a very popular way in Greece and it can be very effective.

That is why I encourage my friends to eat were the locals do,and they will not regret it.


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