Saganaki in Loutraki! By Litsa!

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Loutraki is a picturesque city by the sea, 45 min. from Athens and about 10 min.from Korinthos, my hometown, it is a favorite destination for the Greek people for summer vacations and long weekends.Eating by the sea my favorite saganaki, made nice and hot by Giannis, is the ultimate after a day in Athens!Saganaki in Loutraki!

Gianni’s is a very special restaurant and my place of choice for lunch. He makes the best Saganaki and he is very generous with his portions. You need good heavy bread to enjoy the famous Saganaki with Shrimp and Feta cheese, a traditional Greek recipe.Love my Saganaki in Loutraki!

Delicious Saganaki with shrimp and Feta!By Litsa!

Saganaki in Loutraki, by Litsa!

I go there for seafood and fish and it is always fresh and plentiful. I love to make Saganaki at home because it’s easy, fast and not too many ingredients, definitely a crowd pleaser. I offer it as a first course for a nice meal,  when I have fish or a Meze for Ouzo and Raki.

It’s a wonderful experience to be able to enjoy all kinds of flavors in their natural surroundings.

I would love to have Paella in Spain, Schnitzel in Vienna, Saganaki in Greece and the list goes on and on….

Saganaki by the sea, in a Greek island just before the sunset simply an unforgettable experience……

But that’s not always possible so we make the best to enjoy the flavors and tastes we love at home.

Mezedakia is an indispensable tradition for the Greek people, a way to linger and not rush a meal, with good food, old wine, and precious friends! It’s a very popular sport among the Greek people even to this day to engage for hours in conversations about every subject, solving all the problems of the planet…..Come to think of it every Greek is a philosopher it’s in our DNA.

It is not unusual for a Greek hostess to entertain only with Mezedakia.

Many small plates of different kinds of food. A variety of food with amazing taste, flavor, and color. Today we find this idea in many restaurants and they are the tasting restaurants, very popular indeed.

I love to spend time with good friends, nibbling on Mezedakia good Ouzo or wine and talk about everything and nothing. This is my favorite pass a tempo. Life is all about happy moments, and we have to make sure we create happy times with our family and friends.

Greek food is delicious and so very easy to do so, go ahead and have some fun with recipes from the SUN.

But if you are close to Loutraki, go for Saganaki!


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