Winter: A Season for Chestnuts

Why does one little girl love Winter so much, even when everyone else stays indoors, close to the fire, during this frosty, chilly season? The secret: warm chestnuts on a cold day! But these are more than just sweet nuts to fill a belly and warm the spirit—they are clues to questions the little girl must answer for herself in Winter: A Season for Chestnuts by Litsa Bolontzakis

Love is manifested in every flower and every animal and every bird—like the swallows, beautiful and swift. My perfect little bird never forgets to visit the roof of my house every Spring.

The different Seasons satisfy our every need with love and generosity.

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Litsa Bolontzakis

Litsa Bolontzakis

Children's book and cookbook author Litsa Bolontzakis is an expert on Greek cooking and that culture's easy, simple way of life. Her desire is to help other families learn from her culture how to appreciate the simple things in life and grow to enjoy the seasons and the gifts they bring.


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