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Spring: Trees in Bloom

Summer: The Magic Blanket

Offer 50% discount the second book

Spring: Trees in Bloom

Spring: it’s a time of rebirth and renewal, when tree branches magically come to life, and a field full of blooming poppies makes the grass look like it’s on fire! Make Springtime one of your favorite seasons of the year, as you enjoy the fresh sunshine of a Greek island shaking off the Winter months in Spring: Trees in Bloom by Litsa Bolontzakis

Love . . . you can feel the love and harmony in all the Seasons. They respect each other and never interfere with one another. Every tree is a little factory, producing amazing products in the right season, in a dignified manner, silently, and with so much reverence for the environment. They show so much love in not polluting in any way—no water pollution, no air pollution, no soil pollution. If that is not love and harmony, what is? The Seasons show great respect for all species with no controversy and no misunderstandings, just total harmony.

Summer: The Magic Blanket

Summer: it’s a time of heat waves and sunburn, idle days and restless nights. What better place to spend a warm, magical summer than on a beautiful Greek island? Enjoy the blue ocean waves, the pebbly beach, the singing of mermaids, and a fresh, juicy watermelon in Summer: The Magic Blanket

The seasons teach us patience . . . you can’t hurry the changing of the leaves, the melting of the snow, or the ripening of the fruit. I would love to have fresh almonds year-round, but that is not possible. Nature and the Seasons teach me patience. Patience is a marvelous quality, and good things come to those who have patience.This is a lesson we can learn from the Seasons and a valuable lesson to teach our young ones.

Generosity . . . the seasons teach us how to share our gifts with others. Oh, how much we can learn from the Seasons! They come, year after year, bringing an abundance of gifts and always the right ones for our particular needs.

A review by Toni Danas 

What a pure delight! These books capture the simple moments in life that we often forget. While reading it, there was so much emotion coming from the author and the nostalgia of how beautiful life is as a child. The innocence and natural desire to explore. The deep emotions and the beautiful pictures just jump out of the pages. You almost feel as though you are right there experiencing it. My daughter enjoyed looking at the pictures and bold colours and was entertained by the stories. It made me think about the memories that we as parents have the privilege to create in our children’s lives. The simple read was a breath of fresh air because for me it highlighted the importance of keeping reading a fun and memorable time And what better way than to make delicious snacks. These books cover it all, right down to easy cooking for little ones. Thank you so much for publishing such wonderful and inspirational books. Looking forward to reading more.

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