Peace My prayers are with the people of France tonight!

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Peace! All lives matter!


Anarchy and violence are rampant in our world,

 It is very discouraging to live every day with fear.

There is no peace!

I feel that the world is like a pot of water that is starting to boil and the funny thing is you don’t know where the next bubble is going to be!

The same thing with the violent acts, we don’t know when and where they are going to happen next!

How sad the world is, how cheap life has become!

There is no respect for life on this planet, all kinds of life, it’s like we have more hate than love.Therefore, we have no peace!

We wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, always wondering, why? And is it ever going to end, will it get better?

Senseless killings, destruction of properties, so much pain and we all wonder why! 

Is it because I was born in a place that is beautiful and rich, and you want what I have? You are feeling that I don’t deserve what I have, I m not worthy enough in your eyes to have what belongs to me, therefore you take it by all means.No peace! 

It is not only that you want what I have, like my inheritance my country, my life, but you want it for free and you will do whatever it takes to take it!

Powerful people will stop at nothing to get what they want.

They are arrogant and they believe they deserve whatever their eyes can see.

There is a verse in the Bible that I love and it says,”Don’t make me too rich and I forget about you or too poor and I turn against you”

You would think that being rich one can be happy and satisfied, but life has proven something very different, many rich individuals never have enough and they will stop at nothing until they get what they want! And that has a name, Greediness!

With money comes power, a power that makes you feel invincible, untouchable, nothing can touch you, and when you start to feel the power that money gives you it is inevitable,  you will change! 

In order to be happy, we want the planet to have peace!

I refuse to watch the news.

I hear what is happening from friends and social media.

My prayers are with the people of France tonight!

My heart is hurting for Nice!



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