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11647296791[1]I never realized how magnificent and grand the Alps are, how huge and beautiful! With a beauty that can be so savage and dangerous, you would think that they are inhospitable and uninhabitable, but no—they are loved by so many, because, at the foot of these marvelous natural wonders, clusters of people have made their homes and they love it there.

 I can see the villages from up high, and I wonder how people can find pleasure in such a harsh environment: cold and hostile, where the snow never melts and you can feel the crisp air year-round. This is not a place I would choose for myself, but this amazing planet has something for all of us…

 I am a beach kind of a girl. I love the sea and all that goes with it—the sun, the breeze, and the unpredictable moods of the sea. I adore the beach even in winter, with its aggressive wind and waves. To listen to the waves on a winter or a summer day, when they’re hard or gentle, fascinates me, inspires me, and sometimes scares me.

 I remember when I was in my early teens and my mother, sister, and I crossed the Atlantic on a ship to come to Canada. On the trip, we encountered a big storm. I was young and this was my first voyage on a huge ocean liner. The waves were enormous and ferocious. I was so scared that, right then and there, I made a conscious decision never to look out and see the waves, especially at night. It was my survival tactic, like an ostrich that puts its head in the sand to hide from danger. And that’s how I made it through the storm, and I was so happy with my decision as if the storm had never happened. I was so young and innocent…

 I am of the opinion that if you like the mountains, you should make friends with the mountains. Learn as much as you can about them and equip yourself with whatever you need to enjoy them. Learn how to ski and maybe snowboard, get the equipment to climb the beast—do something that can bring you close to the place that you call home…And don’t forget the fireplace!

 The same thing applies to coast lovers. Don’t tell me you love the sea and you don’t know how to swim! Even if we never had the opportunity to learn how to swim when we were young, it’s never too late to learn. It’s so beautiful and sexy to watch a body in the water that knows what to do and does it with so much grace and elegance… Just wonderful! Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you could afford a vessel on which to enjoy the sea even more…Just kidding, but with a touch of the truth!

 My point is that we are all made in such amazing ways, with different likes and gifts, and this amazing planet of ours was created with so much love and with all of us in mind. There is something to satisfy all of us here, so we have to make the best of our situation, and that is an individual privilege.

 We are responsible for our lives and, if we love the mountains, we will find pleasure and be productive living close to the mountains. If we love the ocean, we have to do the same. We should love our neighbor and find pleasure in what he offers, like, for example, fishing and swimming and hunting and hiking.

 Can this principle apply to other matters? What do you think?

Litsa with Love!

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