Passion, the Spice of Life

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What is passion, and how can passion help with our creativity? In our lives, in our businesses, in everything we do…I love passionate, gifted people. They are the ones who take all the risks and chances, but, at the same time, they make all the difference in the world.

I love the arts…They enrich our lives. Everything we have and we enjoy is because of the passion and love someone has.

My patissier and his passion for baking…

My florist and his passion for the perfect arrangement…425323_300683099994245_122665381129352_864004_2074065600_n[2]

The fashion industry and designers like Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, even Betsy Johnson with her crazy designs — they all have a delightful way about them and they make us look so good!

This planet is so remarkable because of passionate people, gifted people, who will stop at nothing…They love to create, in all fields.

They create because they love to do so, they don’t care about material gain, and you can see them shine.

Of course, if you shine at something, people are quick to appreciate it, and material gain is a given. It’s not work; it’s pleasure! Imagine doing something you love and getting compensated for it — can it get any better that that? NO!!

The arts are not an imperative. We can live without beautiful paintings and sculptures and all the beauty that passionate people create, but what kind of life would that be?

Passion is like a spice: it makes all creation so delicious and jubilant…

Passion comes from the heart, it moves us, and when we find our passion, we are so happy. We think about it, we talk about it, we drive people crazy because of it!

What is beautiful about having passion is that we all possess some, and, when we act on our passion, we complement life on Earth. We are happy and, when that happens, everyone close to us is happy.

Look around you — do you think our Earth is beautiful? Do you think it was created by someone with no passion?

I think our creator is a very happy, funny, passionate being who made everything with so much love and wisdom and, of course, passion…Therefore, he made us also with passion and he gave us gifts and talents. Just as we take from our biological fathers what they have to offer, the same applies to our heavenly father. He gave us so many gifts…

Life makes it difficult for some of us to find our passion, and we can spend our lives trying to survive, therefore our talents and gifts are never discovered…Happy are the children whose loving parents see the potential in them and encourage it! Those children find their passion early, and they get a good start in life!

Many times I wonder about the countless passionate people who are never discovered and how we’ll never have the pleasure of enjoying their talents…

On another note, we have to be careful never to allow our gifts to be a reason for arrogance and pride. We did not plant the seed of our gift; someone else did. We just found what was already there, and we started building on it.

I wish, with all my heart, that you have found your secret garden and that you are happy cultivating it….


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