Ideas for Children’s Books –It’s Easier Than You Think!

Ideas for Children’s Books –It’s Easier Than You Think! LitsaB!

Ideas for children’s books come easy when you have a starting point.

So many children’s books are written every year, and publishers have a hard time deciding what to choose unless they come across a subject that really wows them. We have to consider what kinds of stories children like – they like stories about children just like them, they love stories about animals, and they want stories that have love, joy, security, and happy endings.

Our objective when we write a book for children is to write according to the appropriate age. But the question remains: How do we come up with ideas for writing children’s books? Is it a gift that we possess, or is it something we can learn? I can only speak for myself, but it seems to me that ideas are everywhere – you only have to pay attention, and you will recognize them.

The best story ideas come from observing and listening to people, and from our own experiences.Listening to parents relating little stories about their children can give you so many ideas for children’s books. They provide excellent material because they are often funny and true. I always like to take notes when people tell me stories because I am sure I will use them at some point.

If you have children of your own, you know that every child is unique and precious, with so many real-life experiences that will give you great ideas for children’s books.

I remember a summer in Greece with my son when he was only five, and how every day was a challenge, with many irritations and many pleasures, all leading to some great little stories.For example, on one particular Sunday, my son, the neighbor, and the barbecue all made for a nice story. The houses in a small Greek village are close together and connected so well that it’s as they’re all together, like a coiled snake that is sleeping. Our next-door neighbor was busy preparing lunch (the main meal of the day), and, needless to say, the scent of the barbecue was making us really hungry. And for good reason, because a barbecue always smells so good! We all had to walk by this man and his roasting meat to go to lunch at a relative’s house, and, of course, our neighbor was kind enough to offer us “meze,” or a small snack. We adults all very politely declined his hospitality, except for one little person – my son! He accepted the invitation and he got to do what we all wanted to do: have a taste of this lovely meat on the barbecue. You could see, in his eyes, the desire to stay for lunch there with our neighbor, who was such a very nice man. So we let him stay for lunch and they both enjoyed it very much – the neighbor for the company of the little boy and the little boy for the barbecue!I like happy, educational, and practical stories.

Pay attention, Ideas for Children’s Books –It’s Easier Than You Think!

 There is so much information available about all kinds of animals, flowers and trees, mountains and oceans, fruits and vegetables, and favorite foods and the making of them. All these elements can come together to give us ideas for children’s books.

What about writing about all the wonderful cultures in the world and their traditions, the way different people like to dance and dress, their houses and their hobbies? A good story will take a child on a wonderful journey to explore the riches of the planet. And that is what we want to do – open children’s hearts and minds so they can be receptive to the differences that exist in our world.

Dragons, spirits, and magicians are not my favorite subjects; I avoid them because I feel they have taken over our lives and our children’s lives.

Ideas for children’s books are everywhere, and they are waiting for us to recognize them, start writing about them, and thus create the tools that will help our young ones learn and grow to be happy individuals…

Litsa with Love!

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