Fun with the girls!Litsa!

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Fun with the girls

Cooking with Crystal and Haley, fun with the girls!greek-orzo-1

What a gift! What a pleasure!

That’s how I describe my experience of cooking with Crystal, age 16 and Haley age 10.

The idea was to have a nice afternoon together doing what all three of us love, cooking and enjoying the labor of our “hard work” and perhaps learning a thing or two from each other along the way.

To do what I love is not really “work” for me. It is pleasure and satisfaction all wrapped into one. greek-orzo-2

Haley was always raving about her grandmother’s pierogies recipe and I was skeptical at first, she is after all only 10. Crystal just became a vegetarian and is always looking for new recipes to try, so the recipe of Orzo (Greek pasta) salad with feta cheese, Kalamata olives and all kinds of yummy veggies seemed to be the ideal choice. It’s a complete meal-in-one, no matter that a lot of prep work is required.Spending time is so much fun with the girls!

What was my contribution to the afternoon? My very favorite Biscotti with chocolate chips, almonds and much more! greek-orzo-3

What a wonderful combination of flavors! I was amazed by the incredible maturity of these two young ladies. Their disposition and willingness to help one another and learn from one another was a joy to see. They loved what they were doing and it was evident!

With the music of Mama Mia in the background lending a special note to the atmosphere, an unbelievable time was had by all.

As parents, we have to capture the gifts our children possess and encourage them to use and cultivate them. We want our young ones to make the right choices because if they love what they do they will do it with joy and in the long-run will be happy with their decisions.greek-orzo-4

My special ingredient when I work with young people: I don’t know everything and I am willing to learn even from a young child, this way they feel free to express themselves and their talents and gifts shine through.

Thank you, girls, for a fantastic afternoon!

It was so much fun with the girls!



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