Feed our children well. They are our inheritance

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Feed our children well. They are our inheritance. As parents, we have the responsibility to nurse our children with healthy, nutritious food. This means time and thought but when we do it we actually invest in their health and well-being.


Feed our children well. They are our inheritance

At the same time, we invest in our peace of mind.

Big corporations don’t care about the healthy diet of our young ones. They only care about profit and that is why they target our young ones with the billions of dollars worth of advertising.

Do you, as a parent, care?

If you do, go the extra mile. The benefits are immense – fewer doctor visits, fewer antibiotics, less stress on the rest of the family. And best of all, the young ones will shine, like the sun, with health and joy.

Commitment is the name of the game. A lifetime commitment. Give them a good foundation and they will build on it in later years.

Don’t settle. The system wants to mold us in a certain way, so it can do whatever it wants with us and it is very powerful.

Just like salmon, we have to swim against the current, with the objective to shape our children’s taste buds to crave and love real and healthy food.

We all need daily defenses against infections and germs, but our young ones need it more.

So dear friends don’t panic! It’s not so difficult. It just needs organization.

Just start with an afternoon or an evening in the week. A healthy soup with vegetables and legumes from scratch, something in the oven that you can forget about and before you know it you have meals for 2-3 days.

Gradually you can have in mind to eat more home cooked meals because you can control what the family will eat and who loves them more?

No one but you! 

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