Dill, Not just a pickle herb!

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Dill The herb I love! Dill not just a pickle herb! (Anethum – Graveoleus)

Dill the elegant herb, the herb I use more than any other in my cooking!

Dill, the word comes from the Saxon word “Dilla”  which means to soothe. It is used as an aid for digestion – and as a tranquilizer because it contains the chemical Carvone.

I love it in my cooking…


Dill not just a pickle herb!

Appearance: Dill will grow to 90 cm it has feathery blue/green leaves and yellow flowers member of the parsley family and its native home was the eastern Mediterranean and western Asia. In Europe and Asia, dill has long been a staple herb.

Dill is a herb that is often passed over as just a pickle spice and is not fully appreciated. When a continent thinks of dill just as a pickling herb they miss out on the many ways to use Dill in cooking. Here are a few recipes easy and delicious with ingredients that are easy to find and inexpensive as well, so please experiment you will really like the results.


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