Pork tenderloin stuffed with herbs, spices and chocolate!Litsa!

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Pork tenderloin stuffed with herbs, spices, and chocolate, you have to try!

What is there to say about Pork tenderloin, a cut of meat so tender and so easy to cook!

I like to use Pork tenderloin because it has no fat, no bone and yet it’s so tender, just keep in mind to not overcook, it will dry out and it will be hard.

My favorite way is to marinate the Pork tenderloin for a few hours and BBQ, a few minutes each side and it is done. Never slice the Pork tenderloin and BBQ, it will dry out and lose all the taste.

This is another way to cook this very tender cut of meat.

This recipe is so good, it might look hard, but it’s not, have a look!

It’s a nice change from the ordinary. You can stuff the loin and have it ready in the refrigerator; it takes only minutes to cook.



Pork tenderloin stuffed with herbs, spices, and chocolate-Litsa!

One-pot lemon pasta!Litsa!

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We have been doing one-pot lemon pasta for a long time, we meaning Greek people…And here is my recipe for one-pot lemon pasta! This  recipe is for 2

I remember that is how my father liked his Pasta. He was always hungry as all men are and this recipe was so fast and delicious. Just 15 minutes to satisfy a hungry man!

Now it is so much in demand and I decided to add my own take on the one pot Pasta.

With shrimp, and cooked clams, with a lemony taste that I love!

Cauliflower in tomato sauce Litsa!

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Cauliflower in tomato sauce Litsa!

Cauliflower is a  healthy vegetable, and we should have it often, Cauliflower in tomato sauce, is a very easy recipe and if you are a vegetarian it is for you!

Do you have 30 minutes to cook a very healthy vegetable?

I am always on the lookout for recipes, but my mother’s recipe always comes to my rescue.

It’s easy and fast, 20-30 minutes and if you are a vegetarian you can have a delicious meal with this Cauliflower recipe.

For my family this recipe is a side and I serve it with pork chops, chicken and so much more, what I like especially about this recipe is that it even tastes better when it’s cold, or the next day…

Osso Buco-Litsa!

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Osso Buco

A classic delicious recipe,
Osso Buco, is a recipe from Milan,  that very famous busy city in Italy.

I love Osso Buco which by the way, means bone with a hole, in Italian.

Here is my recipe for Osso Buco, with mushrooms onion and red peppers…

The classic recipe is with diced onions, celery, and carrots!

Playing around and creating your own recipes should be the objective of any good cook…You just have to know what you like and what goes well together…

Experiment and have fun, it always turns out well anyway, very rare is the food not eatable, and do you know when we learn? When we make mistakes, therefore, embrace your mistakes, love them and learn from them, be happy and tomorrow is another day…

I like to think of Osso Buco as a winter recipe, it needs time to cook and the warmth of the stove is very welcome on a very cold day…It can be cooked on the stovetop or in the oven, whatever makes you happy, in the oven, you forget about it, but you have to be on top of things when you make it on the stove top…


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