Greek Fig Jam

Written by Litsa Bolontzakis. Posted in Deserts, Recipes

Greek Fig Jam

Fig trees are so generous! When the time comes to harvest this sweet little fruit, they are so many that you don’t know what to do with them, and you make fig jam! It’s so good on a piece of toast with a good cup of coffee! Add some when you are making Pork when you have a  wine and cheese party, perfect with Brie, so many ways to enjoy Fig Jam! I wish I lived in a country with all kinds of trees on my property year-round!


Written by Litsa Bolontzakis. Posted in Deserts, Recipes

Spring and weddings


A winter treat and a very traditional Greek Christmas cookie Melomakarona is!A delicious cookie dipped in honey and spice syrup, a treat that can make us so happy, especially the young….. A traditional recipe that has proved that it can take the test of time!

We have so many recipes, every house, every village throughout Greece has a different version, like my grandmother used to say,every chimney has smoke, but it does not mean that every kitchen has something delicious to offer… the same with the Melomakarona, some you like and you ask what the secret is, hoping they will share, some you really don’t and can’t even finish your bite…

But this chimney has a recipe worth trying….




Written by Litsa Bolontzakis. Posted in Deserts, Recipes

Kourabiethes Sugar cookies

kourabiethes by Litsa!

Kourabiethes (butter cookies with icing sugar)A Greek favorite.The cookie that melts in your mouth.

Easy to make, the only thing to remember is that good quality butter is a must for the best Kourabiethes and no substitutions will do if you are looking for perfection…

Also, the recipe makes enough Kourabiethes, with one little detail in mind….You have to share the goodness, you have to share the love!


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