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‪‎Cooking‬ and ‪‎baking‬ are a ‪‎gift‬, a gift that gives pleasure and satisfaction, and we can use our gift to bless others with ‪food‬!

Have you ever thought about cooking and baking as a blessing?

Well, it most certainly is a blessing!

Especially for the homeless and the needy, the elderly and the sick!

Also, Our family that gets to enjoy our wonderful food every day!

Take a second look around you with empathy and love, and try to be generous!greek-pantry

My grandmother was the perfect example of kindness and generosity! Her example is a guiding light for my life, an example to follow in the Me generation that we are leaving.

She lived through very hard times, war and famine times, with 11 children, really hard times,   nevertheless she was always thinking of ways to help others, her gift was cooking and baking, and believe me when life gets hard that is one very special gift….

It’s a blessing to be able to make something out of nothing, but she did, and she used her gift to bless her neighbors. Look around, try to really see, look again with an inquiring eye and be ready to help, be a blessing to someone in need.

Remember it’s coming back to you in a very generous way, and this is the blessing!

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Children's book and cookbook author Litsa Bolontzakis is an expert on Greek cooking and that culture's easy, simple way of life. Her desire is to help other families learn from her culture how to appreciate the simple things in life and grow to enjoy the seasons and the gifts they bring.

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