Aren’t picnics romantic?

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I like picnics very much and think they’re very romantic, especially if you can enjoy your picnic by the water. They’re a wonderful way to spend a beautiful summer’s day with the one you love!

With a little preparation ahead of time, you can pull together a nice, romantic picnic with little effort.


Here is what I like to do: I prepare a basket or a bag with all the essentials and have it ready and waiting. By essentials I mean a tablecloth or a blanket, plates and cutlery, napkins, glasses, a cutting knife and drink opener, and anything other than food that you might need. When this is ready, you only have to organize the food.

Picnic food can be your favorite sandwiches and a salad, cheese and fruit, or mezedakia and your favorite wine. I like the idea of the mezedakia, because you can take your time nibbling and enjoying the sunset…Wow!

I like to make my favorite recipe of chicken fingers, along with a horiatiki salad of Greek feta cheese and ripe tomatoes.

The Greek horiatiki is a stellar salad, and it travels very well. Many visitors to Greece love this amazing salad, and they always wonder why it doesn’t taste the same when they make it at home. It’s because they ignore one important rule: you have to use authentic Greek products if you want the best Greek salad. No substitutions are allowed! You must use Greek feta, Greek olive oil, and Greek oregano that smells so divine. Another thing to remember is to use nice plum tomatoes that are at room temperature.

Get in the mood for a romantic picnic! Once in awhile, stop the madness and enjoy the simple things, like a picnic with your loved one!

Litsa with love!


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